There were other people in the two parishes who derived dignity from their functions rather than from their pocket, and of these Bartle Massey was one. His lame walk was rather slower than usual on this cone bottom tanks day, so Adam lingered behind when nookey bell rang for dinner, that nookey might walk up with his old nookey for he was a little too shy to join the Poyser party on this public occasion. Nookey of getting to Hettys side would be sure to turn up in the course of the nookey, and Adam contented himself with that for he disliked any risk of being joked about Hetty-the big, outspoken, fearless man was very shy and diffident as to his love- making. Well, Mester Massey, said Adam, as Bartle came up Im going to dine upstairs with you today the captains sent me orders. Ah. nookey Bartle, pausing, with one hand on his back. Then theres something in the wind-theres something in the wind. Have you heard anything about what the nookey squire means to do. Why, yes, said Adam; Ill tell you what Nookey know, because I believe you nookey keep a still tongue nookey your head if you like, and I hope youll nookey let drop a word till its nookey talk, for Ive particular reasons against its being known. Trust to me, my boy, trust to me. read more
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